Filmare le tue partite non è mai stato così facile


Why FAIDUE Phone Mount Gives You The Edge on the Tennis Court

Easy to Use

Attach Faidue Phone Mount to the tennis court chainlink, connect its magnetic pad to the metal plate on your phone case, and you’re good to go and start filming!

Safe & Steady

Don’t worry about having your phone falling off. Faidue Phone Mount is designed to hold your phone tight and steady. No matter how many times the ball hits the fence.

Easy to Carry

Faidue's super lightweight and compact design makes it very easy to carry. Store it in any of your bag’s pockets as if it was just another tennis ball.

Go Social

Get unique perspectives of your tennis matches and training sessions that will have an impact when shared on social media.

Coach Better, Learn Faster

Tennis coaches and students can review training sessions and matches, replay the same moment, and improve the coaching and practicing experience.

Make Unique Memories

Whether you want to keep it for yourself as a tennis player, or you’re a parent keeping a record of your kid’s tennis journey, you’ll keep memorable moments.

The Perfect Gift for Tennis Players

Faidue Phone Mount is the perfect gift for tennis players because it makes keeping their tennis journey on record surprisingly easy and effective.

No More Expensive Equipment

Stop risking the integrity of your expensive camera on a tripod that’s at risk of being hit by a ball. This phone mount and your phone are all you need.

What early users say about Faidue Phone Mount...

"My Faidue helps me to record my training and holds my phone securely on the fence of the court. Don't need tripod or camera anymore. 5 stars!"

@franzi.sziedat - 10k followers

“I really saw my tennis skills improving after I started using Faidue. I can play and replay my practices as many times as I want so that I can understand exactly what I can improve. Even my coach says that correcting what I want to improve is much better this way!”

@annatang_tennis - 13.3k followers

“I used to worry all the time about my phone. Was it filming things properly? Was it going to get hit a shooting ball? Now I just attach my phone to Faidue from the perspective that I want to capture, and it’s done. Sometimes, I almost forget that my phone is there, but when I see the videos, I’m thankful for having this tool.”


"Since receiving my Faidue it's been a life changer. I used to try capture myself playing tennis or doing fitness which proved near impossible with my phone dropping or not catching my framing. But with Faidue, I attach and mount my phone and off I go. It's so easy to use. I carry it everywhere with me. I absolutely love it. Thank you Faidue for creating such innovative product."


"I've been testing Faidue phone mount for many matches and I can say I love it because it's handy and sooo easy to use. My tennis partners always ask me to use it and film our matches..."


Say Goodbye to Tripods

Action cams are expensive, delicate, and only work with tripods. Tripods are expensive, unstable, and cumbersome. With Faidue Phone Mount you won't need any of these. Equipped with your phone and this unique mount that could even fit in your pocket, you can decide from which angle you’ll capture the most amazing and steady video record of your tennis moments.

Pronto in 3 step

Step 1 Aggancialo alla recinzione

Il supporto per smartphone FAIDUE è progettato per essere facilmente agganciato alla recinzioni romboidali dei campi da tennis.

Step 2 Avvicina i magneti

Attacca la placchetta metallica sul retro del tuo smartphone (o semplicemente inseriscila tra cover e smartphone) e avvicinala al supporto magnetico.

Step 3 Premi REC

Il supporto per smartphone FAIDUE manterrà il tuo telefono saldamente nella posizione che desideri.

Sturdy Hooks

Designed with compact yet robust hooks that will tightly hold the mount to the fence.

Strong Magnets

Featuring six "N52" magnets, it is equipped with the most powerful magnets to ensure your phone won’t fall.

3 Hook Set Ups

Faidue Phone Mount has three optional set ups, allowing the hooks to adjust to the mesh size of almost every fence. Small, medium or large? Choose your fit!

Adjustable Shooting Angle

The rotatable pad allows you to decide which angle and length of the court you want to capture. Tighten the nut until the pad is firmly in the desired position.


Equipped with a silicon pad, it is designed to securely hold your phone without ever scratching it.

Universally Adaptable

Fits every smartphone

Money-Back Guarantee

Don’t like it? Return it and get your money back!

Lifetime Warranty

Guaranteed to be made to last


Should I use my smartphone front cam only?

This device has been designed to use your smartphone front cam so you can see the screen and instantly check if you are catching the desired angle view. But if you place the case on the other side of the phone (i.e. on the screen), you can even use the rear cam. This second option will become easier to adopt once you get familiar with the right positioning of the phone in order to film the right angle view of the court.

Does it work for indoor courts?

Faidue Phone Mount works only on diamond mesh fences, so it will not work in indoor courts which don't have this kind of fence.

Which kind of fences are supported?

Faidue Phone Mount works only on diamond mesh fences that is the international standard and the most common kind of fence you can find on tennis courts around the world.

Where should I put the metal plate?

The metal plate is adhesive. You can attach it to the rear of your smartphone or you can slip it between the rear of the phone and its case. The metal plate works as counterpart of the magnets housed in the silicone round pad.

What should I do when I find the right angle view?

Under the round silicone pad you find a nut. You should untighten the nut, position your smartphone and tighten the nut again so that the round pad remains in the desired position.

Do magnets affect smartphone?

Absolutely not. Your smartphone will work as good as always. These magnets won't create any problem to your device.

Is the metal plate included in the price?

Yes, it is. Along with the Phone Mount you will receive a branded metal plate. And two little surprises too.

Does it work for padel courts?

Faidue Phone Mount has been designed with tennis players in mind. It doesn't work on padel courts.

"I love it, and you?!"

Stefi - FAIDUE Founder